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Many have started before me and have gone on to reap their benefits from personal blogging. A simple search would bring up their successes they have gained and they have blogged about them. As I’m starting out on this journey, I’ll instead pen down some of the benefits that I want to look out for.

1. Self Discovery
What’s my writing style? What would I write about? What would I share? Why would I share that? Will this be a cathartic exercise, or will it be a building piece of my next future? The only thing I’m clear about, with starting this, is that I’m writing for me. Not for the reader yet. Nor a target market. Maybe after 100 posts this will change. Who knows? Let me get to 100 first.

2. New Habits
I’ve all these fables, stories, patterns, views, connections and thoughts in my head. I’m starting this new tiny habit of getting them onto (e)paper. New habits means new processes, new pathways, new possibilities, new assertions. So that I don’t overwhelm myself, this is a new habit to publish a post daily. I may write more than 200 words a day, and may have a day or two in a week without a writing, but I want to publish daily.

3. Creativity is a Process
As many have shared, include Seth Godin in his latest book – Creativity is a process. For some, it may be a gift, but it is still a process to bring it out and develop the muscle. So this is my process. Here, I made this.

4. Making Room for New
Sometimes, your cup gets full. While it’s a good perspective to share from the overflow, many times, the fullness means that you can’t accept new input. I want this blogging habit to be part of my empty-the-cup process, to allow for new learnings, new experiences and simply, new things. And trust that my Lord will regularly lead me into the overflow, to be able to share.

5. Reflection and Clarity
You know how it is when there are so many things on your mind, and how one thing is interconnected with 4-5 other things and dependent on 2-3 other things? Yeah, I’d get stuck. This will also be my process to draw out these thoughts and map out the lines. To intentionally put down those 4-dimensional wires and bubbles into a series (or mesh) of 2D connections. You know what I mean. Things get clearer when you pen them down. I want this.

You’re welcome to join me in my journey.