As I go through my 100-days journey of writing, I’ve been reading quite a fair bit of articles about writing.

There are two camps of writers. The one camp that goes for quantity of content; frequent but shorter in length. The other camp that goes for quality; well thought-out, curated, referenced, and much longer reads. Yes ok, a third camp who are proponents for both, with well guided outlines on how they co-exist.

Well, yes too, the fourth camp for people like me, who freeze up after wondering which path to move towards.

The two (three) camps have merit, and I’m reminding myself daily that I do not have to decide yet. I may put together a longer read to expound on those merits, but not today.

My current goal in this first 100 days is to get the habit of writing into my life. And my atomic habit is 200 words per day. And as I progress, I learn more about the way I spend my time, my mind and my energy. I’ve also learned of new processes and hence, new habits which I need to include.

What will I do when I have this new habit instilled? Don’t know yet. And I’m choosing not to decide until I review my first 100 days.

Right now? Just write.