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I wonder how it’s like to stay 3 days and 3 nights in the belly of a big fish.

I’m trying to imagine the size of this fish or whale, that can take in a full grown man, not actively digest him, and survive on what else it’s got to ingest for that period.

Its probably not going to be the size of a one-room studio apartment. Inside of the stomach would probably feel more like a goo bag, with lots of other fish and seaweed sloshing around. Wet. And dark. With other half digested stuff around.

And here’s Jonah wondering if this is it. The result of running away from the call of God on that specific task. The End. Wet. Dark. Smelly. And waiting to be digested. Plus all he hears are bubbles of air and fluids. He probably can’t tell which way is up. Maybe a slight consolation is that every hour or three, the fish would gulp in more air, seawater and smaller fish. And then within a few more hours, he realises that he needs to go. So he’s going to be sloshing in the goo bag with his own filth. And he really cant know how many hours have passed, or how long more he stays in there.

I can understand the anguish he feels, when he prays his prayer of desperation in Chapter 2. I hope I’d never reach the point where I’d need to pray such a prayer.

But God is good. Besides guiding the big fish back to the right shore for Jonah to begin his task, He was also preparing an allegory for Jesus to use (Matt 12:38-41). Was that ‘waiting area’ (from Good Friday to Resurrection Sunday) similar in experience?