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It amazes me that as human as we are, filled with insecurities, fears, anger and more, God can still use us. Jonah was an angry man – he lived angry, talked angry and when you read the book of Jonah, it’s easy to imagine that he also walked angry. And yet he had the anointing of a prophet, one of the coveted ministries of the day. And had the call to deliver a message to a city.

The backstory in that Bible times is that Nineveh was the enemy of Israel. I’m not sure what the degree of animosity was, but they will allowed travel through the gates into the city.

And what’s even more amazing to me, is that he can still talk angry to God, and not be fried to a crisp with a mere snap of His fingers. I wonder if it was because Jonah was honest with his anger.

If you missed the plot, the 4th chapter of Jonah reveals why Jonah got swallowed by the whale in the first place. Jonah had a message to warn the people of Nineveh about their destruction. He knew that God was good and merciful. He didn’t know if the people would repent, and hoped that they didn’t. He knew that if they did, God would forgive them, and he didn’t want them to be forgiven – he wanted holy vengeance.

“I know you are a Good God and you would forgive them!” I can’t say this angrily without waving my finger into the sky. And the bible adds that he made a place to sit outside the city of Nineveh, to WATCH the destruction happen.

What is it about God that allows us to be honestly human?