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This week in Singapore, just rounding off the Chinese New Year weekend, we saw the mad rush to get hold of Ikea’s “BYGGLEK” collection, a collaboration with LEGO.

As a dad, I recall my days of pretend-play with my children back when they were toddlers. Armed with (now totally mixed up) boxes of Lego pieces, we’d build our own mini rooms and dioramas, and let our stories unfold. Many times, we’d leave the sets of rooms as is, while we swapped out the fixtures and furniture and the little Lego people. I was wondering why it took this long for the collaboration to happen.

And apparently, it resonates with the public, as seen by the rush, the queues, and yes, the second-market scalping reselling on the online shopping platforms.

What struck me as brilliant, was that Ikea did not explicitly indicate that this range was a Limited Collection.

They do have a #IKEAcollections section on their website. And they do have OTHER Limited Collections for different ranges of products. And then this was launched.

To a marketer, it’s beautiful to see how they understood their audience, to the point where they had quantity-regulated signs ready. “Each customer can only purchase 3 of each product”, thereby applying the scarcity squeeze.

Ikea Lego Collaboration
Sold out in under a week!

Their website now says the next shipment will happen in March. Guess who’s going to Ikea during the March school holidays?

In case you missed it: