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What’s a decently strong password where I don’t have to sprain my hand typing it out? This is something my wife usually leans over to ask me, as she signs up for a new online marketplace..

A good time to share some practices. My cheatsheet (do pick 4 to 5 ideas to combine):
. shape
. colour
. thing
. animal
. place
. phrase
. number (3-7 digits)
. date (numeric or event name)
. memory hook
. bible verse
. historical (thing, event, memory etc)
. wishlist
. pet (include friends pets, imaginary, and peeves)
. Add your own thing to your list

Write your choice of word ideas on a piece of paper. Now the most important part. Filterize it. That is,
– abbreviate it or take first letters (e.g. wiifm)
– pinyin variant (xiaogui for little ghost)
– special chars (e.g. use [ ] for “square” and separate this across the password)
– special num (use shifts for numbers)
– l33t the words (e.g. 4L3rt for “alert”)
– rhyming misspells (e.g. “kompair” for “compare”)
– drop some vowels

Your final password should be 12-16 characters in length or longer. Finally, test the strength of it here:

If the results show that it’ll take many years to brute-force crack it, it’s probably good enough for your shopping platform.

Remember to keep that piece of paper safely, or burn it.