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I never knew that I was doing this wrong, or there are much better ways to read a book, until I came across this blog.

If you had struggled to finish any book. Or got stuck halfway. Or lost the plot or the intent. Or felt that what you are reading doesn’t add to you constructively. Then felt guilty putting it away?

Then you need to check out the articles at

Some early learning:

  • There are good books and there are bad books.
  • There are also good books with bad writing.
  • It’s ok to quit a bad book, or a book with bad writing.
  • Good books stand the test of time. Best books can be read twice.

Four levels of Reading
1. Elementary Reading
2. Inspectional Reading
3. Analytical Reading
4. Syntopical Reading

We spend most of our time between levels 2 and 3. Do Inspectional Reading to skim and find get a feel for the book. Analytical Reading is a deeper dive to muse, meditate upon and digest further.

Speed reading is not about how many books you get through. What matters is what you absorb.

And there’s a segment on taking notes which I’ll try out on subsequent books.

As I aspire to write, I realise that I’ve to read more and read widely. Stay teachable, yet still maintain my opinions. Or at worst, find a way to put the learning through the fire, testing them. I’m going to be working in some of the practices I’ve found here.

How do you read your books?

(As an aside, putting down books means that my earlier goal of book reviews and building my commonplace book becomes something I’d need to re-examine.)