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Stumbled upon Maria Popova of and I’ve just learned of the concept of Combinatorial Creativity.

I’ve been exposed to it through my life, and must have deployed it many times towards problem solving and innovation causing. It’s that I’ve not heard this term before, nor the champion for this, until recently. I still have trouble typing “combinatorial” without backspacing to correct it a few times.

The concept is simple to implement. Because it’s lived.

It’s about being exposed to a myriad of everything; bits of experiences, memories, knowledge, insights, ideas across different disciplines of science, arts, math, spiritual, in mediums of art, music, words, charts, video and all. And letting your mind brew, stew, combine and connect them into something new, something meaningful.

I’m definitely over-simplifying this science, seeing the number of white papers written about it on scholar google.

For now, I’ll follow Maria Popova and the growing pool of creators who speak about this area. And dive into different types of content to allow my thoughts to combine.