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Letting go is something easier said than done. But it still needs to be done.

Today I’ve finally let go of my children’s Lego bricks. All seven tubs of them. Probably a good 15 years after they stopped playing with them.

Ok, it wasn’t in my direct line-of-sight around the living or work areas in the home. They have been tucked in certain corners of the apartment. And being that many tubs, they do form a pillar which one could kinda ignore.

To my credit, I did attempt to give that away, and have finally succeeded on my 4th attempt. I do hope my friend’s children enjoys them as much as mine did.

What those Lego bricks represented were much more than play. They were hours and hours of time together, building imagination and strong hands. They were story times that fostered love, support, good vs bad, life normal and supernormal, crafting worlds and legends. Times of laughter, random hugs and kisses, and exploring what is and could be. Times of science – build the tallest tower, the strongest bridge, the ball that could roll without breaking. Times of family – building their dream rooms and homes. You can also imagine that we had given up trying to sort back which sets which pieces came from.

I’m glad to have been in this part of my children’s memories.

Now it’s time to let go, to make new memories.