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Caught a couple of TV episodes where this was applied and I wondered why this wasn’t a mainstream thing?

The scenario is when a victim is placed under the threat of life, or threat of the loved ones, and is forced to withdraw cash or transfer funds. The victim then meekly obeys, logging in to do the task. The perpetrator is unaware that instead of the normal password, and a specially prearranged password is used.

The platform recognises that this is a duress code and will carry out transactions per normal, but will place a special flag for certain authorities to follow up. While the immediate action makes for good TV viewership, I wonder why this wasn’t more of a service thing?

Duress codes are currently found in home alarm systems, and also in military protocols. But I not looking for such high-geared responses.

In this age where online money transfers are becoming common place, it becomes so easy be harassed into doing something against your will. The special password will then just trigger an online police report, which can be revisited or acted upon later. If nothing else, it becomes documentation for a pattern of abuse.

Of course, many other actions can be spawned off from there. For example, silently capturing audio or video proof from the device in use.

Would you pay for such a service? Or will it some day be covered as a cyberattack insurance?