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Creativity is a process of practice.

Seth Godin goes beyond doing, beyond publishing, and into a regular habit of practice.

Industrial recipe vs Creative art.

I resonate with this.

One of my strengths is comprehending processes, the big picture, and how it forms into a pipeline of activities. The next strength is to optimize that process workflow for the business function which I review. This optimization could be fully manual, particularly manual and automated, or how online supported workflows gel together, with inputs from functional roles where required.

For the longest time, I was bothered that when I have worked out a systemic process, I get bored with it, and seldom follow it myself. I would train the people to adhere to it, often with exception management things to look out for, and then step back. Far back. And that’s the industrial recipe which Seth describes.

I am more about the art for optimizing. Where I sit to reflect and pull all desired outcomes, workflows and steps leading to the outcome, and then describe a better way to run that, and thereafter, redeploy resources towards that new process. I’ve always tried to work with functional headcount numbers and not on the human personalities themselves – and have actually cut out myself out of various workflows before even.

Here, I made this.