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One of my mentors said to me once, as an entrepreneur, or self-employed person you gain control of your time, your finances and even who you choose to do business with.

At the same time, you lose one major privilege.

The privilege to fall ill.

When starting out, you essentially exchange time for money. And as you grow and learn to leverage with systems and resources, you are still the cornerstone of your business. You simply have to be able to show up.

Being ill or medically down means that you can’t be there. Or even if you manage to show up, you function at a reduced capacity. You aren’t at your best, you can’t give your best, and highly likely to make decisions which come back to bite you later down the road.

And even if the business fails. Wrong product. Unneeded service. Or have the whole industry close down on you (many examples during Covid). Being able-bodied, nimble-mind, you have a better chance of pivoting to another venture.

When you understand that you no longer have this privilege to fall sick, how will you live your life different? How will you run your day?

Eat better.
Get enough sleep.
Have an exercise regiment.
Keep spirituality nourished.
Build an inner circle who believes the same.
Work structures in, that allow you to start, stop and pickup.
Plan your time and goals.
Forgive yourself when you fall.
Come back up.