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I was on an MRT train ride home the other day; long journey, uneventful, not too crowded. A rather normal and peaceful journey.

On one of the stops, a young lady boarded, sat across from me, and soon after, fell asleep.

A couple of stops later, she shouted, “Hey!” And everyone turned to look at her. “You dropped this!”, bending forward to pick up the student train pass on the floor in front of her. She handed it over to the schoolgirl who had sat beside her. And then the young lady went back to snooze.

I’m just now reflecting that perhaps the schoolgirl had knocked her with her backpack, or that her card landed on the lady’s thigh. What stuck was that she had the presence of mind to shout out, lean over, pick up the card, and pass it to the school girl. I would not have the same mindfulness coming out from a doze on the train.

The train was gradually emptying out as we moved from station to station, with more single seats here and there. On one of those stops, she looked up to check her destination. A mother with 2 kids came aboard. The lady took stock that there were empty seats on the left and right of her, and waved the mother over as she rose up, giving all 3 seats to them. She then hopped across to an empty one on my side of the row. And at some point of the continuing journey, nodded back to slumber.

I don’t know if I would see her again (its not the usual hour I take that train, nor will I recognise her, masked up and everything) But what stuck is that in between physical tiredness and a journey to somewhere, one can still have the heart for others, and do good.