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What a strange month. A couple of extra long work days. A couple of sick days. Family emergencies. Family Celebrations. Then mostly a lot of catching up on backlog. I often wonder at the mental capacity and physical discipline of determined creative artists. How they put in their minutes and hours, sitting in from of their writing medium, to unload, to edit and to publish. All while dealing with everything else.

When you fall off a good habit, the best thing you can do is to just get back onto it. If you have designed your habit processes as tiny or atomic habits (thank you BJ Fogg and James Clear), the way back is almost guilt free.

I’m back. And I’ve shifted my writing a little. Caught on to the methods of free-writing (Accidental Genius, Mark Levy), so there are more frequent spurts of dumping my brain. And then there’s more edits and reviews before I publish.

Baby steps.