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Have you ever gone “Hey, I know something about that – now where did I read that before?”

Or “Argh! There are 4 things i need in this process and I can only remember 3 – where do i find it again?”

And also “there’s a quote that’s worded just right for this – why can’t Google find it exactly for me?”

I’m a reader. I have this unusual habit of having 3-5 books opened at the same time, all in various stages of completion. While there are times when the flow of the book takes over and I dive through that one book. There are more times when the contents of the opened books just percolate together in my mind, and then I go:

  • This is a great idea for that project
  • Oh, I can do this at my workplace, or
  • I should work this into how I run meetings
  • I see where I fumbled on that relationship handling..

and then nothing much else happens.. Until of course, I scratch my head with the opening questions on this post.

I need a place to capture the various essences of each book I’ve read, into my own commonplace book.

A new habit to start.