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The phrase which launched a movie (plus a remake) titled “Total Recall”, was first penned as a short story by Phillip Dick. As a 2-liner synopsis, in the future it will be possible to capture and record anyone’s life and experiences and you will be able to rent that memory and play it back. The 2nd line becomes the plot of the whole action movie – are you living your life, or your memory, or someone else’s memory?

I’m not sure where or when that trail pivoted, but the concept of the Second Brain was formed, and with that, I believe the area of personal knowledge management leapfrogged many steps.

Tiago Forte shares that you cannot afford to keep everything in your head (aka First Brain). You have way too much to remember, too much to think about, and too much to do. Our First Brain is geared more for experiences, analysis, consulting and thinking, and we would gradually shed learnings into the background of our mind. And they fall off eventually.

This is actually good! Because it frees us to see things anew, breath in and take in new experiences. The bad is that we forget or drop off necessary learnings which we have yet to integrate into our daily selves, either as values or habits. Capture it before it gets lost.

The Second Brain has a few activities to make it work. And this will be one of the ways I’m activating this.

I’ll let this blog remember it for me.