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When I was appointed to be President of the BNI Crescendo chapter back in 2018, my first thought was, “Hey did they pick wrong? Who am I to lead this sizeable chapter of 70 members?”

While I did accept the honour, the primary thing I noted was that this was not a company in the hierarchical employment sense. This was a gathering of business professionals, company owners, coaches, consultants – in short, leaders in their own space, AND busy with their own business goals. And with the added (mental) burden that I’ve not led a 70-staffed company yet. What do I need to learn, adapt and practice?

I must quickly add that this wasn’t a solo journey. Much of the success and the learnings came together, because of a great Leadership Team and Support Team. And they carried the chapter every week.

1. Set a Vision
Without a vision, the people perish. The Chapter Vision helps rally members to a common destination. It’s like the BHAG that we set for ourselves. If it’s worthy enough a vision, we will not overly focus on the hiccups along the way.

2. How to Influence
Members are not there for you. They are there for themselves. As am I.

The art of the influence is then how are we there for each other, so that we all win together, for ourselves. The Vision helps the Influence conversations. And I find that it was one of the enablers for success.

3. Fill the Gaps
We all have blind spots. We all have collaborations we desire. We all have deferring levels of skill sets. How do we boldly communicate our gaps to each other, and ask for help.

The results show up in the form of bringing the right visitors, qualified referrals and trainings which bring us to the next level of growth.

4. Align Practices to Business
Principles we learn in running a chapter, also work in our own businesses.

In business, when we bring in more clients than we can effectively onboard, we run the risk of not serving them effectively. What’s worse is that a dissatisfied client becomes a negative voice in the market, which then turns into a vicious spiral working against us.

5. Acknowledge Mistakes
We’re humans, and humans err. I’ve decided that life (or the term) is too short to hide mistakes. Fess up to the parties involved, work a solution to get out of the hole caused by the mistake. Bring up the Vision to get everyone into the same direction again.

Thank you for reading thus far. My learning continues on this next post.